Why Doorbell Cameras Are More Important Than Ever During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Why Doorbell Cameras Are More Important Than Ever During the Coronavirus Pandemic

We’ve been practicing social distancing and following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention COVID-19 guidelines for over a year now. As access to the vaccine increases and more people gain protection from COVID-19, our daily lives are starting to shift toward something resembling pre-pandemic normalcy. That means spending more time outside of the house again, which can lead to us wondering what is happening back home. Luckily, a home security device can serve as our eyes and ears around the house even when we aren’t there.

Doorbell cameras are popular smart security gadgets that can show you who’s at your door without opening it. You’ll get an alert when someone’s outside, and you can see and speak to them using the camera’s app. More often than ever, families are using doorbell cameras to practice social distancing and keep an eye on their yards. Here are a few ways doorbell cameras have helped during the pandemic and how they can continue to be useful as we get back to normal.

See when packages arrive and keep an eye on them.
Use your smartphone to tell the mail carrier where to leave your package and keep an eye on it until you feel comfortable bringing it indoors. Most restaurants are also offering contactless delivery to limit close contact. You’ll be able to do the same for groceries and food delivery.

Keep an eye on the neighborhood.
Even when there were stay-at-home orders, some people didn’t follow CDC guidelines during the pandemic. Worried about unfamiliar faces or strange in the neighborhood? Check to make sure everything’s alright from your smartphone. And if you see something strange, most doorbell cameras are equipped with two-way audio to scare off intruders and save camera footage to share with authorities.

See loved ones.
If your kids miss their friends or you miss your family, stop by their house and chat through your video doorbell. You’ll be safe from exposure and transmission by chatting through the doorbell’s microphone or your smartphone at a safe distance. It’s also a great way to communicate with unfamiliar faces or delivery drivers without unlocking the door. Even without the coronavirus, personal safety remains important.

Spread joy.
Some families are leaving extra necessities on their front porch for essential workers to grab. Sit hand sanitizer, packaged snacks, toilet paper, and other goods on your front porch, and leave a note welcoming them to it. Your doorbell camera’s motion detector will alert you when someone’s on your porch. And you’ll see the gratefulness safely indoors. Even as people get vaccinated and return to something resembling normalcy, this is a great way to spread a little cheer through your neighborhood.

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