When you purchase a wireless doorbell camera

When you purchase a wireless doorbell camera

It’s really awesome how technology evolved, When we installed our old- wired doorbell, we had to bring extremely long wiring and punch like 30 holes into our building for wiring and installation. With this doorbell, you don’t have to do go through that pain. Here are some cons and pros after testing the doorbell:


Package content: Literally everything you need is included, such as, screws, screw drivers, adhesives ( double sided tape – 3M ), batteries, etc.

Wide angle: Captures a lot due to its exceptionally wide cameral angle. Screenshots attached for illustration.

Removable batteries: I like to charge the lithium batteries using my own pro charger, so I like the removable batteries feature. But it can be charged using the provided cable.

Night vision: The night LEDs are unexpectedly bright! They light up the whole area (on camera of course) but not seen by the naked eye.

You get a phone call thru the app once the door is pressed, where ever you are, as long as both bell and phone are connected to the internet.

You can also send out your voice from the phone app to the actual doorbell outside.

You can record video sessions.

The app is really helpful and very user-friendly and it’s easy to set it up to the bell.

Cons: Non for now except that sometimes I missed the doorbell calls because I have to keep the app running in the phone’s background. Other than this, none.

This whole content is the real comments left by our customers after purchasing our products, from which we can appreciate that he felt the convenience brought by technology through our doorbell, and we are happy to bring good experience to our customers, which is what we always try to do.


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