Traditional doorbells and Video doorbells

Traditional doorbells and Video doorbells

Advantages of video doorbells

  • Easier installation.
  • You don't need to be near the door to answer the phone. You can see who is at the door through an app on your phone and answer questions via audio.
  • The IR night vision function allows you to see people at the door during the day or at night.
  • Hd cameras provide clear, crisp images. You can even take a picture of the person standing in the doorway.
  • You can open doors remotely using two-way audio, so you don't have to reveal if you're at home.
  • You can record and download suspicious activity traces.

    Disadvantages of traditional doorbells

    • You have to approach or open the door to respond.
    • You must be near the door to check on visitors.
    • When you don't answer, the thief knows you're not at home.
    • Only work within a limited range.


    Video doorbells have also made our lives more convenient. When the bell rings, We didn’t have to rush downstairs whenever we heard our chime go off, only to find out it was a door to door salesman. Instead, when we're far from the front door or comfortably in bed, we just have to open an app or smart monitor to see what's happening at the door.

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