Question and Answer about the doorbell

Question and Answer about the doorbell

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Question:Will the motion detection work if mounted sideways to get more of a vertical view?

Answer:Yes but the view is better with it mounted vertically about 4 foot actually.


Question:How much memory does the micro SD card have?

Answer:You could install 128GB Micro SD card to expand your storage.


Question:The motion detection doesn't work and the video never connects. just says "loading" ....How can I do?

Answer:I had the same problem and I reset it and it worked just fine.


Question:I am often away from home, can it help me sign for my express

Answer:Sure, You could talk to the carrier man then sign your express via this Doorbell as it allow 2-way audio talks.


Question:Does it make a different alert sound on your iPhone?

Answer:Sure, it offer 5 different alert sound, you could change it in cloudedge app.


Question:Can my other family members' phones connect to this doorbell camera?

Answer:Yes, you can. You can share your cloudedge account to your family. Then, they can use this wireless doorbell.


Question:Can I use it from my phone internet

Answer:Install the app and you can view/hear and talk.


Question:I thought theres a 32 gb sd card included why my package doesnot come with the sd card?

Answer:The card is already installed in the SD slot when you unpack the device (at least it was for me). When I replaced the included SD card with a larger one, I did run into problems getting the larger one formatted. Just a word of caution.


Question:Can the device be configured to use ICloud for storage?

Answer:Well, Pual this device comes with instructions on how to download the app. Which can store video and pictures in the cloud. I use an android. So I am not 100% certain of its use with Icloud. Yet most apps give users the ability to download an app for use with android or apple. So I would say "yes".


Question:Does it need to be connected to a charging cable all the time?

Answer:It do not require that Charging cable connected this doorbell all the time. It got internal 6700mah battery. During normal usage, You just need charge the doorbell for every 3 month a time.


Question:Do the batteries need to stay inside if the doorbell is hardwired?

Answer:As a matter of personal preference. I would keep the batteries within the unit in case of a power outage.


Question:How long are the motion activated recordings on the SD? Will it record until motion stops or is it capped at a certain length of time?

Answer:It will capture a certain length of time which can be set in the cloudedge app. Option for 20 Seconds, 40 Seconds and 1 minute.


Question:Does it work with alexa?

Answer:No it doesn’t.


Question:What type of IoT security does the system have?



Question:Is it onvif compliant, also if I don't want the subscription would it still alert me on the app when someone is at the door with ablility to talk?

Answer:It does not require a monthly fee to keep it working. Cloud Storage just an option to offer another kind of storage option instead of Physical SD Card(Which is included). It will remain 100% function like alert push to phone and ability to talk Without a subscription.


Question:Can I connect it to my Samsung phone?

Answer:Yes, you can. It also can connect to your iphone, LG phone.


Question:Are there cameras that are compatiable with doorbell?

Answer:The doorbell includes a camera.


Question:Doe this record video and not just still photos?

Answer:It records motion for rolling 14 days and older videos get deleted automatically.


Question:What sound does it make on your iPhone when alerted?

Answer:It was like notification sound on your phone when altered.


Question:Does it require a subscription to work?

Answer:It does not require a monthly fee to keep it working. Cloud Storage just an option to offer another kind of storage option instead of Physical SD Card(Which is included).


Question:Does he have a warranty?

Answer:Yes, of course. If you have any warranty question of this doorbell camera, you could contact our customer service team.


Question:If someone rings the doorbell at night, can I see him on my cell phone?

Answer:Sure the doorbell will activate its infrared vision at night and you could see the visitor via your cell phone app.


 Question:does it work with google assistant/google home?

Answer:Nope. It doesn't work with Google or Amazon just Cloud Edge app.


Question:What is the maximum resolution on the video quality?

Answer:1080 I believe.


Question:What is the monthly fee?

Answer:There is no monthly fee but you have an option of local storage for 14 days with the included 32gb memory card and you can get more days of storage if you buy memory card with higher storage. You can opt in for cloud storage on Cloud Edge app .


Question:Does it connect to Alexa?

Answer:No it cannot connect to Alexa.


Question:Is it loud enough for me to hear it in my room

Answer:The wireless chime got 5 level of volume settings and you could also buy additional chime to place it at your home .so it will never miss a knock.


Question:Can I use google fiber Wifi with this.doorbell.

Answer:Sure, It will work under wifi connection.


Question:Where can I view its stored video?

Answer:You could review those video in your cloudedge app.

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