How To Install Wireless Security Cameras

How To Install Wireless Security Cameras


STEP 1 – Choose where you want to put your cameras

It is also useful to know what angle you would like the cameras to be in before starting installation. You can also change the location whenever you see fit.

NOTE: Make sure your chosen location does not have a weak network connection

STEP 2 – Pick a height that has an excellent vantage point for surveillance
We also want to make sure that intruders have a hard time reaching our security cameras. For wireless security cameras, do not forget to take note of the need for a power source. You may adjust this if necessary.

STEP 3 – Mark the chosen location on the wall with a pencil
You can do this while holding the mounting brackets against the wall, so the location marks are more accurate.

STEP 4 – Drill holes into the wall using a bit that is slightly smaller than the bracket’s screws 
The drilling of these small holes will allow the screws to enter the wall without unnecessary and additional damage.

STEP 5 – Use the drill holes as a reference and hold the mounting bracket against the wall
Align the screw holes with the holes in the wall and finally insert the screws into its proper place. The brackets must be secure before the camera is installed, the camera should already be working.

NOTE: Wire-free security cameras use the internet cloud for video storage. This means, after the last step, you need to check your cloud storage to see if it is already working. 


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