How to Hide Security Cameras Outside

How to Hide Security Cameras Outside

Visible security cameras deter crime. Burglars see cameras and decide to choose another home to rob. However, visible cameras also mean that the burglars may simply steal or tamper with them, still choosing that particular house to rob. If you want to hide your security cameras or security camera system, here are some best practices.

How to Hide Security Cameras Outside
When installing your security cameras, particularly when installing outdoor cameras, it’s all about location, location, location. However, if you don’t want to hide your home security camera behind or disguise it as another option, you can paint it the same color as your home for camouflage. Otherwise, here’s where to place your security cameras so they’re hidden from view.

We recommend either hiding your camera behind or disguising it as a:

Fake rock
Bird feeder
Piece of lawn decor
PVC pipe

All this preparation is for the safety of your family

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