How to buy the best wireless security camera? Ⅰ

How to buy the best wireless security camera? Ⅰ

A good wireless security camera will give you peace of mind when you’re not at home. Our expert guide will help you buy the best for your needs. Hollie Hennessy In this article What to consider when buying a wireless security camera Features to look for in a wireless security camera


Which brands make wireless security cameras?

Best wireless security cameras Can I buy a wireless security camera that's unhackable? The best wireless security cameras will let you know all is well at home when you’re out, whether you want to make sure it's secure or just see how the cat is coping without you. They can also detect motion in your home and record footage of an intruder, with more advanced cameras include facial recognition and two-way audio. While the best security cameras can record in high resolution and are simple to use, bottom-of-the-heap models suffer from poor-quality video, sub-standard app interfaces and cheap build quality. See below for the key things to look for when buying a smart home security camera. Just want to see reviews of high-quality wireless security cameras? to discover which models we recommend, visit our best wireless security cameras.


What to consider when buying a wireless security camera Indoor or outdoor

Wireless security cameras are generally designed for use within the home. However, there are a handful of wireless outdoor security cameras which are weatherproof like a CCTV system. Wired vs. wireless vs. wire-free Wireless security cameras aren’t necessarily wire-free, the term ‘wireless’ meaning they connect wirelessly to your existing wi-fi network. Most wireless security cameras are plugged into the mains, with a few of these offering some back-up battery time in case of power failures. However, there are battery-powered, wire-free security cameras, which are easier to position as they doesn’t need to be near a power source. But bear in mind this does mean you’ll have to charge the battery or pay for new ones if they’re disposable.


Types of footage storage (cloud vs. internal)

One of the key decisions you’ll need to make is whether you’d prefer a camera with cloud-based or internal storage. Cloud-based online storage allows you to store your recordings remotely online and easily access them over the web from any device. Online storage also means you won’t have to worry about losing an SD card, and you’ll still have footage even if your device is stolen. On the other hand, there are some privacy concerns about cloud-based storage, as your data will be transmitted and held online. Most wireless security cameras use a cloud-based storage system, but the level of free storage varies and some offer none at all. Check out how much free storage is on offer, as extra cloud storage can cost as much as £9.99 a month. Internal storage is available with some cameras, and your footage will be stored on an SD card rather than in the cloud. This means you’ll be able to cut costs, as you won’t need any subscription plan to save your data to the cloud. You can buy SD cards with plenty of storage capacity, so you can record a reasonable amount before changing or clearing the card. Although your recorded footage won’t leave the device, and so your data isn’t being transmitted and stored online, if someone burgles your home and steals the device, they will have access to your recordings.

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