How Much Do Doorbell Cameras Cost? A Look at Features and BenefitsⅡ

How Much Do Doorbell Cameras Cost? A Look at Features and BenefitsⅡ

 Field of View

 Field of view(FOV) is a lot like resolution in that it's not imperative to have the best of the best, and the lower end models will surely get the job done.

 Models in the $99.99 price range will typically have a 180-degree horizontal field of view and a 160-degree field of view vertically.

 The models a little steeper in price will typically have 160-degree

 horizontal view and be capable of going to 90 degrees for the vertical view.

 Think of FOV as how much of the outside world your camera can really capture. The more the better, right?

 Well, some would beg to differ. I get that having more viewing area is a cool addition, but what are we trying to do here? It's a doorbell camera. Do we need anything more than the view of our front porch and who is standing there ringing the doorbell?


 If you do need to hit the homerun with FOV you may be more suited for a full security system with additional cameras outside your front door.

 Trust me, regardless of your doorbell camera's FOV, having 4 to 6 cameras outside your home will definitely give you a wide range of angles to view your front door.


 Wi-Fi Connection Options

 Theses options come down to choosing between being able to connect your doorbell camera to the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz wireless frequency.

 The 5 GHz channel allows for faster speeds and more bandwidth capabilities. Most routers can run both 5 GHz and a 2.4 GHz channels.

 Let's assume you have several smart home devices and have several other entertainment devices running on your home Wi-Fi network.


Service and Monitoring Fees

 Professional monitoring fees for security related devices can range anywhere from $19.99 per month to $49.99 per month. Service and monitoring fees can vary, but I rarely recommend using a company to monitor your devices. It's just not necessary.

 I recommend designing your own smart home security system and doing the monitoring yourself. The choice is up for debate, however.

 We cover the pros and cons of the DIY approach vs. professional monitoring in this article. Feel free to check it out.


 Are Doorbell Cameras Worth It?

 Doorbell cameras provide something we haven't had the luxury of in the past, the ability to know who is at your front door without actually having to over to take look.

 Doorbell cameras can add privacy and security to your life which can surely add some peace of mind when you fall asleep at night.

 By using the advice we've laid out in this article, you may be able to purchase a new doorbell camera and get the job done much faster and more affordably than you think.

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