Doorbell:Ring security and privacy

Doorbell:Ring security and privacy

Ring security and privacy

Ring can see what's going on around your home, so you want to make sure that your account is secure too. 

How to enable Ring two-factor authentication: Two-factor authentication means that you need more than just a password to access your account - you'll need a code sent to your smartphone too. You can enable this in the account second through the Ring website, or in the Control Center section of the Ring app.

How to remove Ring access from devices: If you've authenticated a lot of devices over time with Ring, but have no idea what those devices now are, you can remove them all from your account in Control Center. Just head into the app and you'll see "authorised client devices". There's the option to "remove all" here - but remember you'll then have to login on devices you want to grant access to Ring.

Allow police access to your videos: If you're in the US, there's an option in Control Center to allow requests if the police want to access a video in your area. This might be to gather evidence of a crime - but you have to grant permission to the request to allow that to happen.

Managing motion detection and alerts on Ring 

Have alerts open full screen video: If you really want to see what's happening, you can have any alert open as full screen video on your mobile device. Head into the app menu, find your device and click the settings cog top right. Here's the option to turn on. 

Enable rich notifications in the Ring app: This will mean you don't need to open the app to see what's happening, it will give you a preview in the notifications. Head into the Ring app, devices, and open the device. Then select smart notifications and turn on rich notifications.

How to turn off motion notifications: You can turn off motion notifications, but still have motion recorded. Head into the Ring app and you'll find options for motion alerts in the Video Doorbell, as well as for your Chimes. You can turn off those alerts if you don't want them.

Customise the motion capture range and area: You can select zones that you want motion detection for. That might be to exclude an area with passing traffic, for example. Head into the app menu, select your device, then motion settings. Here you can change the range, zone, frequency or use the wizard. 

Put motion detection on a schedule: While at home you might not need motion detection, but might prefer it when you're out at work. Head into the advaced settings in motion detection and you can define times and days to have motion detection turned on.

Snooze your motion alerts: If you have a lot of people coming and going - perhaps you're loading the car or have the door open for a party - then you can snooze the motion alerts through the app. Head into the settings, find your devices and hit snooze the appropriate length of time. You'll also get this option through notifications on Android devices.


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