Do Doorbell Cameras Need Wi-Fi? A Quick Breakdown of the Options? Ⅲ

Do Doorbell Cameras Need Wi-Fi? A Quick Breakdown of the Options? Ⅲ

Assuming I Have Wi-Fi, Can I Connect the App on Any Device?


Yes, you can install the app for your doorbell camera on basically any platform. You can download the app onto your desktop computer, laptop, mobile device, or tablet.

Any device sharing the same network and having the ability to download the application will allow you to use all functions of the doorbell camera without issue.



Can I Share the Application with Other Users?


Absolutely. Once you have your doorbell camera installed and you have set up the application on your mobile device, you can select which users and what permissions to set for other family members in the household.

This will typically be under a tab labeled “Security” or “Admin Controls” inside of your doorbell camera application.

Don’t Share Your Wi-Fi Connection with Your Neighbors


First of all, sharing your Wi-Fi connection might leave your network open to hackers.

Secondly, you don’t want your neighbors capable of accessing any video from your cameras.

If you have a doorbell camera, it’s highly likely that you have other devices connected to the network as well. Unless you are BFF’s with your neighbor and you're 100% comfortable with others having access, it’s not recommended to share your Wi-Fi network information or piggyback off others’ Wi-Fi connections.


Don’t be that guy who causes your neighbor’s Netflix to buffer for 10 minutes because you’re tying up the bandwidth when your doorbell rings.

There are plenty of internet providers who offer basic packages for no money down and cheap monthly pricing.


Having a basic plan will work just fine. You don’t necessarily need the speeds of a professional PC gamer

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